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MICHIEL BORSTLAP is a world renowned pianist and composer who played concerts in more than 90 countries.

He won industry awards like the Dutch Gouden Kalf, an Edison, the Thelonious Monk Award in the USA and the Prize for Best Soloist in Brussels.

Michiel collaborated with artists such as Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Gino Vannelli, Bill Bruford, Jeff Watts, George Duke, Billy Cobham, Peter Erskine, Gene Jackson, Essiet Essiet, Eric Person, Benjamin Herman, Eric Vloeimans, Pat Metheny, DJ Joris Voorn etc.


Michiel has played with classical musicians such as Janine Jansen, Lavinia Meijer and Ludovico Einaudi, and has been a soloist with the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra, Kiev Soloists, the Metropole Orchestra and has collaborated with conductors such as Vince Mendoza, Jan Stulen, Jurjen Hempel,  Arthur Arnold and Lawrence Renes.

He composed piano works including 8 solo piano albums. The sheet music is bundled in the piano book 'The Piano Collection'.

Michiel is currently plays solo concerts and teamed  up with his Band in an all Herbie Hancock program.

Michiel is an ambassador for IWC Watches and Steinway & Sons.

Michiel is a member of  Akademie van Kunsten (KNAW).  



MICHIEL BORSTLAP is een wereldwijd bekende pianist en componist en speelde concerten in meer dan 90 landen. Hij won meerdere Awards zoals een Gouden Kalf, een Edison, de Thelonious Monk Award en de Prijs voor de Beste Solist in Brussel.

Michiel werkte samen met musici als Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Gino Vannelli, Bill Bruford, Jeff Watts, George Duke, Billy Cobham, Peter Erskine, Gene Jackson, Essiet Essiet, Eric Person, Benjamin Herman, Eric Vloeimans, Pat Metheny, DJ Joris Voorn, etc.

Michiel speelde samen met klassieke musici als Janine Jansen, Lavinia Meijer en Ludovico Einaudi, en was solist bij het Radio Philharmonisch Orkest, Kiev Soloists, het Metropole orkest en werkte samen met dirigenten als Vince Mendoza, Jan Stulen, Jurjen Hempel, Arthur Arnold en Lawrence Renes.

Hij componeerde piano werken waaronder 8 solo piano albums. De bladmuziek is gebundeld in het pianoboek 'The Piano Collection'.

Michiel speelt solo concerten en tourmet zijn Band met een volledig Herbie Hancock programma.

Michiel is ambassadeur van IWC Watches en Steinway & Sons.

Michiel is lid van de Akademie van Kunsten (KNAW).

MICHIEL BORSTLAP 是世界著名的钢琴家和作曲家,曾在 90 多个国家举办过音乐会。

他赢得了行业奖项,如荷兰的 Gouden Kalf、爱迪生、美国的 Thelonious Monk 奖和布鲁塞尔的最佳独奏家奖。

Michiel 与 Herbie Hancock、Wayne Shorter、Gino Vannelli、Bill Bruford、Jeff Watts、George Duke、Billy Cobham、Peter Erskine、Gene Jackson、Essiet Essiet、Eric Person、Benjamin Herman、Eric Vloeimans、Pat Metheny、DJ Joris 等艺术家合作 沃恩等


Michiel 曾与 Janine Jansen、Lavinia Meijer 和 Ludovico Einaudi 等古典音乐家合作,并曾在广播爱乐乐团、基辅独奏乐团、大都会管弦乐团担任独奏,并与 Vince Mendoza、Jan Stulen、Jurjen Hempel 等指挥合作, 亚瑟·阿诺德和劳伦斯·雷内斯。

他创作的钢琴作品包括8张钢琴独奏专辑。 乐谱捆绑在钢琴书“The Piano Collection”中。

Michiel 目前正在举办个人音乐会,并将在 2023 年晚些时候与他的乐队合作参加 all Herbie Hancock 节目。

Michiel 是 IWC Watches 和 Steinway & Sons 的形象大使。

Michiel 是 Akademie van Kunsten (KNAW) 的成员。


1966: Born in the Hague (The Netherlands)

1985: NOS (Dutch National Radio) composition award for scholars
1992: Cum Laude graduation at the Hilversum Conservatory
1992: Winner of the Europe Jazz Contest, and Prize for Best Soloist
1992: First album release Michiel Borstlap Sextet "Day Off
1994: First concert at North Sea Jazz Festival
1995: Release of album Michiel Borstlap Sextet "The Sextet Live 2CD

1996: Concerts in Senegal, Burkina Faso, Mali, Germany, Spain, Scotland & The Netherlands
1996: Winner Thelonious Monk Award, Washington DC (US)
1997: Composition Michiel appears on CD Herbie Hancock & Wayne Shorter
1997: Release of album Residence
1998: Release of album Bennink/Borstlap/Glerum (3)

1998: Concerts in Australia, Germany, China & The Netherlands
1999: Michiel signs with VERVE (Universal) a four-album contract

1999: Release of album 'Body Acoustic'

2000: Concerts in the US, Japan, Columbia, South Africa, & The Netherlands

2000: Release of album 'LiveLine'

2001: Release of album 'Gramercy Park'

2003: Commissioned by the Emir of Qatar, Michiel composed the first arabic Opera ('Avicenna') in World History
2003: Gig at North Sea Festival with Pat Metheny, and concerts in Russia, Spain, Norway, 
2004: Concerts in Austria, Japan, France, the US, Tanzania, Vietnam, Turkey & The Netherlands

2004: Release of album 'Piano Solo Standards'
2004: Back catalogue reissues in Japan by 55 Records (fall 2004)
2004: Release of album  Bill Bruford/Michiel Borstlap (Live in Holland)
2005: Release of album Michiel Borstlap Trio "COFFEE & JAZZ" (GPM), also in Japan (55 Records)
2005 Sponsor-contract with Cadillac, renewed sponsor-contract with United Airlines
2005: Sponsor-contract with Dutch fashion designer Hans Ubbink
2005: Two songs of Michiel are selected to appear in the legendary New Real Book
2005: Nominated for Esquire's 'Best Dressed Man 2005'
2005: Founder and President of Gramercy Park Music (Record Label & Production House)
2005: Regular guest at Dutch TV show 'Goedemorgen Nederland'
2005: Concerts in US, Tanzania, Zambia, Turkey, Hungary & The Netherlands
2005: Concerts in Canada, Norway, Turkey, The US, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Russia & The Netherlands
2006: Release of his first book, Opera in Qatar, and release of In Two Minds (Bill Bruford & Michiel Borstlap)
2006: Concerts in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Norway,, Russia, Germany, France, & The Netherlands

2007: Extensive collaboration with Gino Vannelli, with concerts in Canada, Sweden, Italy, the UK, Russia & The Netherlands

2008: Winner Dutch ‘Gouden Kalf’

2008: Release of album ‘Eldorado'
2009: Winner Dutch ‘Edison’

2009: Brand-ambassador for IWC

2009 Concerts in the Ukraine, the UK, Germany, Switzerland & The Netherlands

2010: Release of ’SOLO 2010' (Reached #20 in the Pop Charts)

2010: Signed with BMG Publishing
2011: Birth of his daughter Blue

2011: Concerts in The Ukraine, Canada & The Netherlands

2012: Concerts in Brazil, Russia, Belgium, Italy, & The Netherlands

2013: Release of album ‘Reflective'
2014: Concerts with Ludovico Einaudi in Italy

2014: Release of album ‘Frames'

2015: Brand-ambassador for Steinway & Sons

2016: Concerts in Qatar, Hungary & The Netherlands
2016: Co-Founder of Gallery Play Media, a brand new music streaming network

2016: Release of album ‘Arena’ (Live album at Johan Cruijff Arena)
2017: Museum de Fundatie acquired 'Audire et Videre', a sound sculpture for its Atrium

2017: Release of album ‘Velvet'

2018: Concerts in Cuba, Curacao, Turkey & The Netherlands

2019: Release of album 'The Power Of Music'

2020: Release of The Piano Collection, 260 pages of 41 piano works
2021: Collaboration with Joris Voorn

2021: Release of album ‘MVSES’ & ‘ELEMENTS'

2021: Soloist with Radio Philharmonic Orchestra at the Concertgebouw

2021: Concerts in Spain & Germany

2021: Brand ambassador for Oostwegel Collections
2022: Release of his 30th album: ‘PACE’

2022: Concerts in the US, Turkey & Belgium

2022: Collaboration with photographer Rene Koster, resulting in exhibition at ‘Antarctica Museum Tasmania'

2022: Album: OWN LIGHT (inspired by

2023: Michiel Borstlap Band on Tour, with a tribute to Herbie Hancock!

2023 Solo Piano tour in China

2024: Album: World Tour (extended solo piano tour)

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